Smart Cities and IoT

We're so passionate about smart cities and IoT that not only are we educating our clients on these technologies, but we're also committed to sharing our expertise with our local community.

We've established a number of educational and outreach projects designed to get all of Newcastle just as excited about smart cities as we are!

The Things Network Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

The Things Network is a global organisation providing Internet of Things connectivity via LoRaWAN, by crowdsourcing the network.

We've helped initiate the Newcastle & Lake Macquarie community in becoming a proud participant in that movement.

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Newcastle IoT Pioneers

We run a monthly Meetup for the makers, the shakers, the curious and the cautious, who want to be prepared for the IoT.

Whether you're ready to show off your project or concept, or just keen to see what the buzz is about, drop in or drop us a line.

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Future of Tech IoT Workshops

In response to the rapid uptake of LoRa-based networks across the country, we’ve partnered with Meshed to educate and empower the general public to take ownership of their cities through tapping into IoT-enabled Smart City infrastructure.

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We're working with Fact Nexus, Lead Agilty, UON's School of Creative Industries, and Quipu Design to inspire a community driven effort to make data accessible through digital play. We want to enable Newcastle citizens to shape their own smart city.

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Backyard Detectives

In collaboration with UoN’s RAPID team, our head engineers helped guide 18 young, citizen scientists through an introductory IoT project where the city’s air quality data was monitored, compared and responded to.

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MiniSparx is a unique program full of guided self-discovery and exposure to the amazing world of robotics. We focus on capturing the imagination with graduated challenges that provide gratification at each stage.

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High School IoT Workshops

We've teamed up with RDA Hunter to put together an educational resource for high school students focussed on coding and IoT. To stay in the loop about our progress and all things STEM, sign up to our mailing list.


Luna is a response to the uninviting quality of poorly lit public spaces.

By leveraging the IoT capabilities of LoRaWAN, Luna creates a safe, playful, and inviting way to navigate outdoor settings through human-centred LED lighting.

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