Beautiful. Smart. Human-centred lighting.

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lightbulb moment…

Born from the Eighteen04 Urban Iot Hack, Luna is a response to the uninviting quality of poorly lit public spaces. The publics’ sense of safety and their wayfinding abilities are significantly impacted in dark outdoor spaces. We understand this to stem not only from a lack of lighting infrastructure but also from the absence of activity occupying outdoor night spaces.

By leveraging the IoT capabilities of LoRaWAN, Luna creates a safe, playful, and inviting way to navigate outdoor settings through human-centred LED lighting. Activated through an opt-in application accessed on the user's smartphone, Luna intensifies its coloured bulb(s) upon approach. This effectively creates an aesthetic, non-evasive lighting solution that activates space whilst enhancing users navigation and safety at night.

We have elected The University of Newcastle's Callaghan Campus as a case-study and prospective pilot location for the proposed Luna solution. Our campus data analysis, market research and stakeholder consultations have clearly indicated that the lighting-solution that Luna offers has sound applicability within the site.

In addition to the capabilities realised through the IoT technologies of the bulbs, Luna offers a versatile luminaire installation model which has been found to halve typical public lighting infrastructure costs. Furthermore, the increasing shift to public LED lighting for its energy saving and environmentally friendly qualities positions Luna’s IoT enabled luminaires as a logical and exciting next step for public outdoor lighting.

To find out more about the project concept and the plans for Luna implementation going forward, see here.