Future of Tech IoT Workshops


Across Australia, the world - even space - the exciting potential of the Internet of Things is taking hold...

…Over the past couple of years, the connectivity efficiencies of low-powered, long-range network (such as LoRaWAN) has increasingly become accessible, enabling more people to leverage IoT-enabled technology within their very own cities.

Alongside being excellent co-initiators of our region’s grassroots The Things Network community, IoT integration company Meshed has been a key driver in establishing public LoRaWAN networks in council areas across the country. The response has been phenomenal. In just over a year, their tour across the country’s metropolitan and regional cities and towns have resulted in the recruitment of 32 paid council clients with many more planned in the pipeline. Evidently, councils are gaining a firm understanding of the many internet-enriched opportunities a publicly owned LoRaWAN network can provide to their smart communities.

As traction for installing Australia’s LoRaWAN gateways rapidly ensues, NewieVentures is partnering with Meshed to help councils take the next steps in pairing their IoT-enabled technology with smart citizens. We know too well that new technology is counterintuitive without applying it to real-world problems and the people whom those problems are directly impacting. Thus, through the encouraging support of city councils, we have developed a number of public workshops that aim to educate citizens of all ages, and of all technological abilities, in the applications of IoT. These crash-courses in the set-up and operation of LoRaWAN transmitting, internet-connected devices provide both councils and members of the public alike with the technological skills needed to actively collaborate in responding to issues that affect them in their very own communities.

Setting up the LoRa networks is the first step, equipping citizens with knowledge and IoT skills is what’s next for truly smart cities.

Setting up the LoRa networks is the first step, equipping citizens with knowledge and IoT skills is what’s next for truly smart cities.

What problems are these smart city citizens endeavouring to solve? Although a LoRaWAN device can only transmit small packets of data at a time, the accruement of this information and the affordability and low-powered capability of this transmission equates to a wealth of solutions potential.

Key examples can be found in cities across the world where small doses of information feed into big picture efficiencies. From sensors installed in public bins to monitor waste management through to devices installed on the walls of entire public housing blocks to track crack growth, tilt, and vibration used to inform security and maintenance checks - the use-cases are near endless. Alternatively, what’s currently limited is the percentage of people in these cities who not only understand these advantages but also know how to leverage them from their city’s established smart infrastructure.

And that’s why we partnered to create the Future of Tech IoT workshop. By imparting professional knowledge and sharing technical resources, the smart citizen capabilities of the Australian public is quickly showing firm promise. Already, our City of Canada Bay and City of Newcastle participants are collecting sensor data in their civic spaces and feeding their findings into their cities open-source networks. As more Things networks establish across the country, we’re endeavouring to support city councils who are interested in empowering their communities through the collaborative problem-solving and creative placemaking opportunities made available as part of open-to-the-public IoT.

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If you wish to learn how to set up a LoRaWAN gateway and configure it with The Things Network, watch our 3 minute instructional video here.