Foresight Homes


For most home buyers,
it’s hard to fall in love with a floor plan.

Despite the creative lengths custom building service providers will travel to design a plan that can excite their customers, an unavoidable level of detail remains lost. Software renderings, including panoramic, photo-realistic or even VR/AR powered enhancements, have helped provide that crucial link between designer dream and customer reality. However, the dream-home, butterflies in the stomach feeling is still hard to find when you’re sitting behind a computer screen.

As home buyers ourselves, we can vouch for this. 

After the lack of inspiration found in generic display home after generic display home, we - like many other first-home buyers - wanted something custom that could better align with our dream-home vision. We knew that this meant approaching some builders and outlining everything we foresee in our future home. We thought that this would allow our specific home wants and needs to be more closely met.

Dreams remain dreams unless made tangible

Despite the capacity for planning design that these providers could offer, the lack of tangibility in 2D floor plans stalled our willingness to commit. Having a dual-story home in mind, the lack in foresight that the floor plans provided - whether hand-drawn or digitally-rendered - was particularly challenging in our home building journey. 

Luckily for us engineers, when faced with a problem, we’re confident that there’s a simple solution waiting to reveal itself. 

Having recently augmented our product development processes through our specialised 3D printing capabilities, we were struck with an idea. Where our rapid product prototyping could be realised through the 3D printer, so too could the prototypes of home designs. Rather than implementing schematics into 3D Computer-aided Design (CAD) software, we developed a way to render the floor plan designs of our prospective home. 

Like magic, a tiny, true-to-dimension rendering of our house was being built before our eyes. 

3D printing design to fill the gaps

It wasn’t just our lead engineer’s wife who was enchanted by this 3D home modelling, local home building providers already want to make their floor plans physical. 

Custom building service providers, architects, and developers who endeavour to provide their customers with an exceptional home design and planning experience are jumping on board. For designers who deal with multi-level home and building design, Foresight Homes is an exciting alternative to having customers flick through page after page of floor plan designs. 

Where floor plans can require supplementary equations and colour-coded keys to interpret house dimensions, the printed model is mathematically rendered to be accurate to the measurements of the home’s design. 

Through our bespoke 3D CAD printing service, the comprehensive detail committed to floor plan design can be rendered both accurately and beautifully for your customers' needs. 

We discovered our dream home from the plan up, we want your customers to discover theirs too. 

Visit the Foresights Homes website or drop us a line to further discuss how we can help augment your home planning and design services.