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NewieVentures was engaged as part of the UVS team (Bluezone group) to lead the development of their latest cutting-edge product SewerSerpent, a fast and innovative way to detect leaks in pipelines using Extra Low Voltage electric signals. 

NewieVentures was pivotal in enabling the UVS engineering team to move from proof-of-concept prototype to minimum viable product ready for sale to the market. Beyond software development, software reviews, product testing and validation, NewieVentures' role also included defining and assigning tasks, advising on strategic direction, reporting team progress to management as well as producing detailed documentation to ensure a smooth handoverand to equip the UVS team with sufficient information. 

UVS’s management and sales team were extremely satisfied with NewieVentures' contribution which led to to the successful launch of SewerSerpent225 at the end of 2016.

"It all went great - we'd go through NewieVentures again. We're definitely a repeat customer!" - Elizabeth Karpiel, General Manager, Operations - Bluezone Group

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We put ourselves to the test too, developing our own products. Foresight Parking is an innovative new Smart Parking solution. Our wireless LoRaWAN Smart Parking system displays car park usage in real-time. This means transformational cost savings and feasible solutions where none existed previously.

For more information and to check out some installations, have a look here.


GE Mining


In early 2016, NewieVentures was selected by GE Mining to assist with the integration of a third party product into GE's own collision avoidance system, CAS-GPS.

The project included a detailed design and architecture phase, implementation, unit testing, deployment, system testing and thorough documentation, all within a tight schedule. Frequent reporting was maintained with GE's lead engineer and other stakeholders, with accurate estimates and timely issue raising.

The project was completed on time and within budget, to the satisfaction of internal and external stakeholders, in less than four calendar months.


We have worked closely with ResTech engineering team on several occasions on a variety of projects.

Most recently NewieVentures provided expert support for the development of a product used in explosive atmospheres. NewieVentures' role was key in the design, testing, validation and successful certification to international standards of a Radio Frequency (RF) Intrinsically Safe barrier.

The ResTech team and management was very pleased with the positive outcomes achieved by the collaboration with NewieVentures on this project.