Adelaide Smart City

Another city - a bit closer to home this time - taking some great steps towards becoming the next big Smart City! Adelaide has a lot of projects under way around smart parking, smart lighting and environmental monitoring.

Adelaide Smart City

In particular, their Smart Lighting trial looks at monitoring the energy consumption around the city as well as managing the usage of lights for better efficiency.

What is interesting about Adelaide's approach is that they have set up The Studio, which is a place to inspire entrepreneurship and creativity. It supports collaboration between the innovators, the investors, the community in order to generate ideas and create a platform to bring these ideas to life at a small scale first.

I think it also follows the concept of 'fail early, learn quickly' which is key to innovation. By allowing start-ups to trial their ideas before launching them fully, it lowers the risk and helps refining their ideas so it is actually meeting the needs of the communities.

We look forward to seeing what is next for Adelaide as a Smart City!