Off to Chicago!

Chicago has recently made the move to become a smart city and Smart Chicago was born. It has the goal to improve the lives of their residents by using technology.

Here are a couple of its recent initiatives that shows all the potential of smart cities:

Connect Chicago

One of the most recent initiatives is Connect Chicago, which aims at, as its name suggests, increase access to the Internet and increase engagement via the use of technology. At the core of this program is delivering training to the community, investing in innovation and developing leadership skills. 

Healthy Chicago 2.0

Another thing that is worth noticing is how the smart city concept can be used for a wide range of applications. Another project from Smart Chicago is Healthy Chicago 2.0, using data collection to set health outcomes and to follow the progress against the outcomes. 

What can we learn from Smart Chicago?

Chicago became a smart city when a startup recognized that the right forces had to be brought together to make something happen. Smart Chicago came to life as a collaboration between the municipality, the corporate world and the community.

Similarly to Amsterdam, Chicago has realized that all three parties need to be involved for this type of initiative to be successful. Collaboration is critical.

Smart Chicago is also demonstrating that data gathering can really have a positive impact on the way the city operates and that data can be utilized in a useful way, across many areas. Their projects range from education to health and justice.

The approach of Smart Chicago is to create an ecosystem that encourages innovation, leadership and collaboration.