Innovation is a necessity

Newie Ventures was born out of a desire to innovate.

It's in our corporate DNA, as they say. But then, they all say that, don't they?

For us, the pithy corporate-speak of innovation is a necessary but far from sufficient factor. For many, innovation is an attractive goal, an inspiring concept and a convenient catch phrase to beat back criticisms of irrelevance or arrogance. For us, it's a necessity. A startup business by definition cannot rest on its laurels. The startup environment is characterised by a scarcity that compels humans to adapt. Add in a burning desire to make the world a better place and you have the perfect recipe for innovation. Necessity, after all, is the mother of invention.

Simon Sinek, in his groundbreaking book on leadership, Leaders Eat Last, points out that "smaller, less resourced companies, staffed by a small group of people struggling together, are the ones who usually come up with with all the innovations. [...] Sharing a struggle for limited resources and working with people who are intent on building something out of nothing is a good formula for a small business".

Sinek's deeply considered principles on inspiring action have resonated strongly with us at Newie Ventures. *Innovation cannot be demanded from on high, it must be ingrained in the culture of the practitioners.*

Newie Ventures was created to feed a hunger for innovation, and now we strive everyday to put tasty morsels of innovative value on our plates and those we serve.

It's a captivating and fun ride and we're excited about making our own little dent in the universe.